Spoonie Friendly Fun

The idea of celebrations can be daunting as a spoonie, trying to make plans that you'll be able to cope with and then building up the energy to be able to do this coping in the weeks prior to the celebration, not to mention having to cross everything and hope that your body will be [...]


Today, May 12th, is ME awareness day. A day that I almost dread coming around each year, signifying another year of my body being invaded by countless chronic illness, including ME. Positive, non tired and grouchy Amie, however, sees this as a day for all of us to come together, to recognise the millions missing [...]

The little victories

When you're chronically ill it can seem like life is trying its best to stop anything from going your way, then every now and again that turns around. It's so important to take those victories, no matter how seemingly insignificant they are, and make the most of having fewer battles to push on through. My [...]

The end of a long, long quest…

As all who know me will know, I have been on a long, arduous thirteen month quest to find painkillers that give me enough relief to function as something somewhat resembling a human. I've been addicted to things that didn't work, been given things that left me bed bound and I've only survived the last [...]